Based on the on going trend for artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality and other fancy buzzwords its seems that the future will be horrible for most of us in the working force. While empathy was probably safe some jobs with direct human interactions almost everything can be automated. As there is a common believe that being innovative, artistic or a creative thinker may safe your to become superfluous I want to challenge myself this year with an ongoing series of projects to make myself expendable.

Fuck yeah, the robots taking our jobs. 


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Alexa ask my Muse for an Idea?

Are you lost in ideation? Do you have no idea where to start designing? Does your startup lack the vision? Do you need a provoking or challenging idea? Ask my Muse for help. My Muse serves you with an exciting design challenge.

My Muse is a custom Amazon Alexa Skill which allows you to get a design brief by only asking. Install My Muse through the Skills Store in the Alexa App. After installing the skill, you may trigger Alexa with questions like:"Alexa Ask My Muse for an idea."

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This playground is a safe space, a side project, a tool against procrastination, a space for me to go nuts, to be stupid and take myself not to serious while playing and teaching myself new tools, challenge myself and just have fun.