ZHDK, Spring 2015

We bond with our devices. Through them we are connected with our environment, regardless of location. Inevitably the act of charging turns into a daily ritual. Imti explores the issue of comprising freedom, autonomy, self-responsibility and the balance between the pleasures from being connected and the freedom from not being connected.

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Apps with Love, Spring 2015

For the swiss travel brand Hotelplan I developed in collaboration with  Apps with Love GmbH the concept and the design for their new mobile solution. 


Blog Article about HolidayBox (german)




ZHdK, Winter 2014/15

What if you could step into someone else’s shoes? The stellvertreter shoes convey the feeling to be close to a person who is somewhere else by transferring the activities of the distant person’s shoes into the shoes of others.

In collaboration with Lukas Gaechter and Olivia Stadler

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ZHdK, Autumn 2014

Nika is a small robot who paint her way through the world. Control her with a tweet  Take care of her, follow her and guide her safely through the big world.

In collaboration with Matthias Chavanne, Phillip Buehrer, Giacomo Pedemonte

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ZHdK, Autumn 2014 

Tonislang is an interactive dictionary to help students and visitors to explore the new building of the ZHDK. By creating a collaborative dictionary in the new building the house starts to develop a character and is not that anonymous anymore.



Behind these walls

ZHdK, Summer 2014 

A chair, a mask, a cactus and a journey: Small connections between home, innocence and imagination. “Behind these walls” acts with the urban environment of North Point and plays with inside becoming outside and vice versa. Different stories are told behind these walls.

In collaboration with Elysa Wendi, Tan Lijie, Liang Yunqi, Simon Dietersdorfer, Michael Bodenmann, Ying Zeng

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DSKD, Spring 2014 

Connect your environment and challenge yourself to explore the world you live in. Discover the nature around you and bring it back into your playroom. Using the new stick tool combines your findings with your beloved LEGO bricks and find new ways to play.
We created a tool to adapt wood sticks or other things to the LEGO systems to open up the system to the world around us and tried to open up the world of lego in a new way.

In collaboration with Rikke Rohl



ZHdK, Winter 2013/14 

SHELLEY is an interactive Installation which was presented at the „STAGE DIGITAL II – The Making of Atmosphere“ in late November 2013. The Installation consists of 24 electroactive polymer modules, which move similar to muscles. Connected to a Kinect Camera, Shelley reacts to Observers and becomes an artificial Lifeform.

In collaboration with Katharina Herzog, Fidel Thomet, Naho Takabayashi




ZHdK, Autumn 2013 

Induo, which is latin for «attracting» just wants to be a possibility to visualize data of the city of Zurich. In a series of hack nights, organised by the city of Zurich and members of the Swiss Open Data Association the task was to find out the best location for your undertaking or intention.
Induo takes the idea to connect locations with population statistics of the city of Zurich. Data is provided by the Open Data Portal of the city of Zurich and wants to give the user a new insight, prospect, and view of Zurich.

In collaboration with Giacomo Pedemonte, Lukas Gaechter

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ZHdK, Autumn 2013 

Above the city cranes are moving. Almost unnoticed they come to construct new rooms and disappear. FERA catches their movements to create its own landscapes.

Almost unnoticed cranes come to construct new spaces only to disappear afterwards. In a much smaller scale Fera aims to reproduce those movements, which have been recorded over one day by placing an Arduino, a GPS module, and an SD-Card onto a cranes hook. The final installation moves an electromagnet over a surface covered in iron filings.

A sensor attached to a crane collects the data of their movement and share it simultaneously to Fera, which converts the movements in her own and starts building magnetic landscapes. 

In collaboration with Fidel Thomet and Marco Luthi



Summer 2013 - on going

Woin is an Event Calendar which shows you only what is happening tonight in my home town Baden. 

In collaboration with Nicolas Sax

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Apps with love GmbH, Summer 2012

The last to-do list you will use before the world goes down. ToDoom ensures that you get your tasks done- before the next apocalypse.vToDoom is an easy to use to-do list built on top of the new Windows 8 Interface. Giving you the features to make as many tasks and task lists as you want for the next ten years and a countdown to keep your eye on your lists, it doesn’t matter you’re going to use it for your next shopping trip, work projects you need to do before the end of the year, or your bucket-list before Doomsday. Make your own workflow.


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